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Muyundi Travel is a travel agency that provides excellence, quality and direct attention to its clients. From the beginning we set out to be leaders, respecting ethical, professional and total quality principles and values. Our clients are our reason for being and our goal is to provide a memorable experience when they entrust us with the care of their trip. We are a different company, dedicated to our mission, proud of its country, Peru, for which we feel a true passion that drives us to work hard for its progress and at the same time for it to be recognized as one of the main tourist attractions worldwide. world. We have highly trained personnel who are always willing to provide fully personalized services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Muyundi Travel 2023, tourism company in Perú. Discover the magic of Peru. Immerse yourself in the Amazon jungle, contemplate the majestic Andes and let yourself be carried away by the history of the ancient Incas. Muyundi Travel invites you to explore every corner, so that your trip is unforgettable.





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We are proud to introduce our team of destination experts, itinerary planners and lovers of exploration. Our guides are not only experts in the area, but also great storytellers. Get ready to immerse yourself in the culture, history, and hidden wonders of Peru.

Emi Homecillo Vitanzos

Travel Agency Manager

Traveling is my passion, my father used to work on cruise ships when I was a child, and I dreamed of doing the same. After graduating from college, I was given the opportunity to work on a cruise ship, and I grabbed it. Since then, I've strongly desired to explore the world and learn about new cultures. I've been in the tourism industry for about 17 years and love it. It is an essential part of my daily existence; it means getting away from what we know to appreciate and study a diverse variety of complicated and conflicting cultures, which helps us grow into the persons we are. Peru is a fascinating nation, and via travel, I can share my interest while also assisting people from all over the world in planning amazing vacations. Peru is my home, and I encourage you to become a part of it.

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Discover the adventure that takes you to incredible places
Live trekking and immerse yourself in nature!

Experience and knowledge

We are a company with qualified personnel with extensive experience in TREKKING activities, trained to carry out activities on different types of terrain and routes.


We have equipment to carry out all types of activities, including tents, sleeping bags, kitchenware, first aid kits and safety elements for hikers.

Planning and logistics

Our excursions are carefully Planned and Evaluated, to ensure a unique experience on each route, the organization of the groups, the management of permits and authorizations are coordinated with the services of transportation and accommodation.

Regulations and permits

We have the permits and authorizations of the Local Administrations and Autonomous.

Social and environmental responsibility

We are responsible with the environment and promote sustainable practices in all our activities, including respect for the natural environment and cultural, and support for local development and nature conservation.


We have adequate security and prevention for the development of activities, including emergency plans and response protocols in risk situations.

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